Hasta la vista, baby!

The Terminator

Drive with Foresight

With our technology, a driverless car can understand the world on a much deeper level. We’ve implemented what humans learn in driving school: driving with foresight, understanding and anticipating other people’s moves.

Make No Mistakes

Our technology is certifyable safe. We’ve solved the problem that today’s perception AI is not trustworthy. With our technology, there’s no need anymore for a human to watch over the AI.

… and what can we do now?

Mobility Services

Today’s autonomous cars would not stand a chance in city traffic. They can follow cars and make emergency stops when something’s already in their way. However, they cannot anticipate if a bicyclist will change lanes or not. And the cannot deal with the many unknowns they would encounter. With our technology, autonomous cars can drive in city traffic without any human supervision.

Delivery Robots

Most delivery robots are safe because they are slow. They can follow people on the pavement and make emergency stops on contact with an obstacle. However, they cannot move safely on the street alone. With our technology, delivery robots can move in city traffic and make deliveries faster.

Industry Robots

Most industry robots need human supervision, so they do not fall down a staircase or stop right in front of an emergency exit. With our technology, industry robots can move safely without any human supervision.

Mobile Apps

Our technology is fast. Already running on small devices like a mobile phone, we bring advanced assistance functions to all the people who cannot afford a premium car. With our technology, everyone can have a smart copilot on their phone who watches out for children on the street or for unusual situations.