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Engineering Services

New technologies like Probabilistic Robotics and Deep Learning AI can achieve unprecedented levels of automation in mobility and industry. The safety of these technologies, however, is still very much a research topic and not standardised. With our expertise and technology, we help you bring your idea into being with state-of-the-art safety.


We’re a team of researchers and engineers who have developed and trained Deep Learning AI from scratch and built prototype self-driving cars. We know all the standards and engineering methods of Functional Safety, and we know how to apply them to new technology like Probabilistic Robotics and Deep Learning AI. With our knowledge and technology, we help you push the state-of-the-art when developing your next generation ADS.


We’ve been developing and training Deep Learning AI for applications like end-of-line visual inspection of goods in production lines, discovery of unusual behaviour in video surveillance for workplace safety and security, and predictive maintenance of machines. With our core technology Better AI, we create custom datasets for training your Autonomous Mobile Robots specifically for your warehouse, industrial area, airport, or even public roads.