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The Terminator

avant[‘guard’] Better Datasets™

Lot’s of uncommon classes!

Our datasets advance the safety of the next generation of ADS! We’ve just released our Construction Sites Dataset with the classes Mobile Road Sign, Stand, Barrier, Dixie Toilet, Construction Lamp, Excavator, Tracked Vehicle, Container, Mortar Tub, Mortar Bucket, Construction Trailer, Vibratory Plate Compactor, Euro Pallet, Cable Reel. Other datasets are in production right now.

High quality instance labels and bounding boxes!

You can use our datasets in combination with your favourite general purpose datasets, real and synthetic. For each labelled segment, there’s a separately labelled bounding box.

High quality synthetic images combined with real images!

To avoid bias, our datasets contain the same number of samples per class with various backgrounds, from various viewpoints, and under various environmental conditions.

Annotated degree of visibility!

You can filter all our labels, depending on completely visible objects, only partially visible and occluded objects, or small objects.

Annotated camera parameters!

For all our labels, we’ve annotated the camera parameters, so you always have the correct specifications for your training input pipeline.