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The Terminator

Better AIᵀᴹ

Our product Better AI is a camera-based perception system, that can prevent the deadly accidents caused by autonomous driving systems like AutoPilot. Better AI is the result of years of research into AI safety.

With Better AI, no one has to drive billions of miles before their autonomous driving system is safe.

100% Safe Perception

Better AI is the only safe and certifiable perception system.

To achieve highly automated and driverless operation, a perception system must be close to 100 percent reliable. The industry today achieves some 95 percent reliability. We achieve the missing 5 percent. You can easily integrate Better AI with any autonomous driving software stack.

Your autonomous driving system will be safe from day one …

With Better AI, you don’t have to drive billions of miles before your autonomous driving system is safe

How’s that possible?

We invert the industry approach of training, training, training, testing, testing, testing (patent pending).

Better AI detects close to 100 percent of all safety relevant objects without any labelled training data (patent pending).

Our technology learns all the not critical objects on the fly without any labelled training data (patent pending).

What’s in for you?

No more deadly accidents due to perception failures.

Grow your AutoPilot like systems into highly automated driverless systems without additional cost.

Full compliance to today’s safety standards like ISO 26262 and ISO/PAS 21448. No need to wait for future standardization.